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We are passionate about people and possibilities. We envisage a world in which everyone has access to the best practice skills we most need to lead the lives we all deserve. Working with like minded partners, our corporate and community initiatives are designed to contribute towards co-creating a vibrant, sustainable and humane world. And we do this by empowering extra-ordinary people like you with some of the best people skills on the planet.


At AMKT, we specialize in a neutral, non-directive yet empowering coaching style known as Clean coaching based on the radical breakthrough work of David Grove. AMKT coaches are trained by world Clean developers, James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, as well through rigorous practice and Certification in Clean Coaching with Angela Dunbar.


Since it’s inception in 1995, AMKT has collaborated with and supported a variety of not for profit initiatives in capacity building projects at specially discounted rates and appropriate in a pro bono capacity. The AMKT community includes a core group of facilitators and coaches who have honed their skills on our public programmes over the last 15 years, ranging from Accelerating Learning for Trainers to NLP Practitioner Courses and over the last 5 years advancing their expertise in Clean Language applications with individuals and groups.

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Anne Munro-Kua
Anne Munro-Kua
Director, Lead Coach & Facilitator
Jacqueline Ann Surin
Jacqueline Ann Surin
Senior Facilitator & Coach

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