Recommended Books

From Contempt to Curiosity

Caitlin Walker

Clean Approaches for Coaches

Marian Way     

Brain Gym

Paul & Gail Dennison

Clean Language

Wendy Sullivan & Judy Rees

Core Transformation

Connirae & Tamara Andreas

Heart of the Mind

Connirae & Steve Andreas

I Is an Othe

James Geary

Magic of Modern Metaphor

David Hodgson & Nick Owen

Metaphors in Mind

Penny Tomkins & James Lawley

Modelling with NLP

Robert Dilts

NLP Business Masterclass

David Molden


Steve Andreas & Charles Faulkner

The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Betty Edward

The Power of Six

Philip Harland

The Rainbow Machine

Andrew T Austin

Training with NLP

Joseph O’Connor & John Seymour

Trust Me, I’m The Patien

Philip Harland
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