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Welcome to the world of Clean!

Be prepared to be surprised at how Clean Questions can open the door to a person’s unique inner world of metaphor and symbols.

By using Clean Questions you can gently enable a person to make powerful self-discoveries about the way they think and how they perceive the world around them. And the exciting thing is that we can do this quite safely in the language of metaphor.

Many of us are not aware of how much we use metaphor in our daily communication and how our specific use of metaphor is unique to each of us. For example, different people who say I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel will each have a very different description of that light and that tunnel, once you know how to ask them. Harry said the tunnel was narrow and dark with black soot covered walls. Janet said tunnel was tall and wide and the walls are made of white shiny tiles.

So what? you might say. Well what David Grove discovered is that each specific description matters because each has different consequences for Harry and Janet, in how they can get to the light. Both have the problem of being in a tunnel and can’t see the light, but Harry decided to brush the soot off the walls and thus found a door out, while Janet noticed that the light shone through one particular tile made of glass, in the ceiling and all she had to do float up and press the tile and it moved.

And you may be wondering how David elicited such detailed description? What he did was to take a person’s metaphors literally, and develop a way of questioning that allowed someone to discover and develop their own metaphoric world.   

Clean Language questions help a person develop their own metaphor precisely because we are not aware of a) the metaphors in our language and b) how much these metaphors shape our behaviour and abilities, enabling achievement and also limiting it.

Forrest Gump mentioned that Life is like a box of chocolates and David might ask: when life is like a box of chocolates, then what happens? Ooh there are so many choices and I can pick a different chocolate each day!  

What is your metaphor for life? How much do you know about that metaphor? Get someone to ask you Clean Questions and you may soon be surprised by what you discover! And then what happens?

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