Since it’s inception, 20 years ago, AMKT has collaborated with and supported a variety of not for profit initiatives in capacity building projects at specially discounted rates and appropriate in a pro bono capacity.

We think of community on many levels.

The AMKT community includes a core group of facilitators and coaches who have honed their skills on our public programmes over the last 15 years, ranging from Accelerating Learning for Trainers to NLP Practitioner Courses and over the last 15 years advancing their expertise in Clean Language applications with individuals and groups.

AMKT nurtures this growing group of associates via initiatives like the Clean Developing Group where we share our experiments, bring along designs to critique and collectively push beyond boundaries to our personal and professional growth.

Besides corporate assignments, AMKT associates are applying our collective cutting edge people skills in community settings with groups working in the areas of: youth; women’s empowerment; legal and human rights; community drama; civil society initiatives, as well as cancer support.

For 3 years AMKT ran an Emotional Freedom Café open to the public ikn Brickfields and since 2010 has run regular workshops to share these self-help emotional freedom skills with cancer survivors. (see Laughing and Relaxing even though I have cancer). And for those who would prefer 1-1 sessions we offer an extended rainbow coaching contract, in which they pay according to their means, anything from RM10 upward.

AMKT community assignments include working with teachers/ lecturers/ students/ to minimize their stress and optimize their resourcefulness.

Throughout all our community outreach, we maintain our professional standards, whether or not this is paid work, we consider it a joy to serve and share our skills and expertise where it matters most!

If you know of a group who could benefit from acquiring the empowering self-help skills we specialise in, do get in touch and we will explore possibilities.