Coaching – Individual Case Studies

Case Study #1:

Situation: I was struggling with my Masters in Education, with subjects difficult to grasp, and stressed about tackling assignments and meeting deadlines. I also had to cook and interact with my elderly mum, which added to my anxiety. I descended into a well of depression.

I sought help from Anne, wanting her to give me some prescriptions on some way out. We began with a “chemistry” session and then I decided to commit to a coaching package of 10 sessions.

Coaching with Anne: Anne helped me reduce my anxiety through diligent tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). Then what really helped was visualizing where I was at and where I wished to go … drawing it out and feeling it in my being. This visualization helped me a great deal. With Anne’s questions, I found that I was on a horse and that I needed to guide the horse in the right direction. I think Anne’s persistence helped me to look at where I wanted to take that horse. She also used my lingo to reiterate what I said about where I was going.

Instead of giving me the prescriptions I had wanted she kept asking me what I wanted, what I saw, what I wish to see … hmmm at first it was frustrating. But that persistence allowed me to think where I would like to go and not worry about my past or the emotions I had with my mum. My Master’s colleague was also a great support in guiding my studies.

For the first time I was able to face my demons and from then on things made a turn.

Benefits: I learnt a great deal of myself and that I was able to draw my destiny if I put my mind to it. I am the designer, the initiator. I learnt how to cope with my studies, the stress, the disappointments I had of myself and learnt how to overcome them. I learnt a great deal about myself through the coaching process. I learnt to cope with my challenges.

Results: One commitment I made was to complete my Masters in Education which I did. Another commitment was the ability to relate better to my mum which I did. I have also made commitments to myself to teach drama and be a change-master for kids growing up and to equip them with skills to cope with life. I learnt more of myself and the strength I had to cope with life and learn how I could use my talents to share with the world.