The PATH™ Programme

These selected PATH™ skills represent some of the most powerful people technologies today, which centre on the modelling of human excellence. Unlike other approaches grounded in theory, this approach focuses on the best practice models that emerge when we ask the practical question of how a person achieves amazing results! No competition here, but rather a questioning that is posed with deep curiosity of “How do you do that?” in all its complexity of thoughts, behaviour and sequence. And over the last 30 years such curiosity and focused questioning has elicited and generated a range of models of excellence in the field of human communication and potential development. Such modelling of excellence involves a methodology, a way of thinking and questioning that lies at the heart of modelling.

Secondly, we now have amazing models of excellence, available for us to acquire and achieve the same excellent results. This means that excellence is no longer the preserve of those considered to be a rare genius. Because we now have the best practice blueprints of thought, language and behaviour in displaying excellence, we are able to reproduce that excellence in others. We have designed this PATH™ programme with these aspects in mind, a modelling mind set – which is at the heart of continuous learning – methodology and technique.

Throughout the programme we build a habitual model of thinking involving multiple perspectives of the world, proven to generate success wherever you apply them, in your personal and/or professional life. And throughout the workshop we teach selected practical behavioural models that together provide a toolbox for continuing professional and personal excellence. We provide the structure and the generic skills, you and your people provide the content expertise and the relevant contexts. This approach means that as we explore methodology and technique we constantly do so in participant-relevant real-world situations.

You may recall what Gandhi said: “When I change, the world changes”. This customised PATH™ programme gives your people the foundation for how to do that!

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