PATH™ to Exceptional Customer Experience

Customer service has been identified as a key aspect of business that has enormous, often untapped, potential especially important at a time of economic uncertainty, when retaining customers is a priority.

We have created this workshop to support your professional role of responding brilliantly to customer service situations, including those that involve escalated complaints. By studying “customer experience” exemplars, we know that responding to customers effectively, in the moment, involves specific thinking and attitudes, besides good technical skills. That’s why we created a dynamic practical skill-building programme that enables you to zoom in on your own best practice and build on it.

PATH™ to Exceptional Customer Experience is a customised PATH™ programme, designed to enable front-line staff to build on their skills by advancing their ability to successfully manage challenging face-to-face customer situations and turn them into golden opportunities .


Programme Objectives:

By the end of this programme, front-line staff will be able to address challenging situations resourcefully, by displaying the following:


Mindset for creating Exceptional Customer Experiences, by demonstrating:

  • Purposeful thinking as a habit for win-win-outcomes in challenging situations
  • Attitudes to empower the values for ownership in each Customer Experience interaction
  • Heart skill to perceive issues from Neutral and Customer shoes for Insight & Wisdom  


Know how to :

  • Release emotional blocks for being resourceful in challenging interactions
  • “Switch” from technical mode to people mode for appropriate responses
  • Use Clean listening skills for rapport and for clarifying customer needs    
  • Use a Clean PRO approach for facilitating memorable Customer Experience
  • Develop own best assertive style as a habit for achieving win-win results with customers

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