PATH™ to Communicating Assertively

Is authentic communication possible, whether at work or with your close ones, without accessing your personal power? Indeed, as you’ll explore in this programme, it’s not possible to communicate assertively unless we are able to access our personal power.

Professionals who can communicate assertively are valued in today’s learning organisations. Without command of such skills, your relevance may be questioned, your potential overlooked, and that dream promotion pass you by. And in your personal life, among family and friends, it may not always be useful to be known as the “quiet” or indeed, the “explosive” one. 

The effective professional senses what to say and how to say it from a position of internal “strength” that results in being “listened to” by others.  Such skills are the hallmark of master communicators, who confidently and competently get results through their professional and personal interactions. The good news is these skills are learn-able.

Based on selected key patterns of thinking, behaviour and language of master communicators, we have created the PATH™ communication model with a focus on interacting assertively. In this workshop you’ll learn cutting-edge techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and David Grove’s Clean Language. Used successfully with thousands of people, these techniques typically result in clearer boundaries and increased respect for self/other. Hence, this programme provides a vital foundation for delivering assertive language patterns just exactly where they are needed.

This course is available to the public 3-4 times a year at SIM, click on the link below for details. Contact AMKT directly if you would like to have this programme customised for your organisation.

PATH to Communicating Assertively with Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)