PATH™ to the Caring Professional – New Hires


The facilitators were very supportive. One amazing thing they did was to let us take charge of our own learning. They are awesome!

Goh Hsiao Chee
PATH to the Caring Professional, 11-12 May 2016

The PATH to the Caring Professional programme exceeded my expectations. Before the programme, I expected to learn more about banking products and processes instead of self-improving skills and techniques. I also felt that everyone had the chance to talk and to express themselves without any judgement at all.

Catherine Yap Man Kuan
Participant on the PATH to the Caring Professional, 28-29 March 2016

PATH™ to the Caring Professional is specifically designed for new hires like Catherine.

What has been observed repeatedly in analysis of front-liners and executives in many companies is that while they may be skilled in product and technical knowledge they may not have in place the necessary people skills to interact well with customers. Our research shows that once new hires have the skills and mindset to co-create a service culture which has empathy at heart, they can then step into the customers shoes and provide the best customer service they possibly could.

AMKT facilitators specialise in co-creating the conditions for participants to learn at their best. And that means participants like Catherine are able to develop their self-confidence and motivation to embrace the best practice skills they need as outstanding customer service professionals. 

The rationale is for new hires to integrate from the very start, an empathic customer service mindset alongside their knowledge acquisition and application of products and sales skills, vital to their work as front liners.

Most participants such as Catherine, find that PATH™ to the Caring Professional exceeds their expectations as they are given a chance to explore themselves in more ways than they could imagine. This enables them to build their confidence and belief in themselves to face the many challenges in their working and personal lives. 

By the end of this interactive 2 day workshop, PATH™ Explorers will be able to:


Learn at their personal best, via:

  • Exploratory open questioning as a self-coaching habit for achievement
  • Utilising Feedback loops as a reflective habit for continual improvement
  • Speaking up to contribute/ say “no” effectively for personal influence
  • Tracking personal progress for self-directed leadership & growth


Know best practice PATH™ thinking Tools:

  • Purposeful thinking for win-win-outcomes in all customer situations
  • Attitudes for taking ownership & flexibility in customer interactions
  • Techniques to:

                         ♦ Release emotional blocks so as to be resourceful in challenging interactions;

                         ♦ Listen accurately for clarifying customer needs and bridge-building;

                         ♦ Use 3 step P.R.O. model for moving from problem to outcome thinking;

                         ♦ Develop confidence in achieving win-win results with customers 

  • Heart skills to perceive issues from multiple “shoes” for insight  & action 

The facilitators provided us with the skills that we could choose to apply in our workplace or even in our personal lives. They also made it fun and informative instead of the other mundane trainings that I have attended.

Eong Shing
Participant on PATH to the Caring Professional, 28-29 March 2016