Frequently Asked Questions

What does Anne Munro-Kua Transformations (AMKT) do?

We partner organisations in different sectors from education to business and non-profits to facilitate interventions designed to support their professional capacity building. We also provide public workshops and coaching services for those seeking holistic development that may focus on professional and/or personal issues.

We specialise in using best practice “people technologies” to facilitate groups and coach individuals in learning the skills they need to achieve their personal and professional best. These “people technologies” include Neuro Linguistic Programming, Core Transformation, Clean Language and Emotional Freedom Technique, amongst other proven practical processes.

We utilise our expertise in Accelerated Learning to design and run our workshops so that participants learn in a variety of ways that both match and stretch individual preferred learning styles.

We facilitate in practical, easy-to-understand ways to enable others to help themselves to resolve difficulties, create success models and improve their lives.

We also facilitate one-on-one coaching that typically lasts over a three-month period, either face-to-face or online. And depending on the client’s needs, the coaching may be continued beyond three months. When coaching clients, our outcome is to make ourselves redundant J by helping clients become independently resourceful as efficiently and effectively as is appropriate to meet their needs.

Throughout the year, AMKT conducts online group work to support individual development. Some of these are free public tasters and practice groups. Please check out our list of events for details.

How are you different from other trainers or training programmes?

Partnership and collaboration are our watchwords. And we are valued for our practical professional results back in the workplace as many of our clients will testify.

When we are approached to conduct training, we start by consulting with the individual or organisation to clarify issues, explore proposed remedies and define outcomes. It is only after we have done this that we mutually decide whether or not there is a basis for collaborating.

In the client’s interest, we are rigorous and demanding. We require our organisational partners to collaborate in providing us with important relevant evidence. We also expect them to drive any intervention internally to ensure trust and buy-in from all stakeholders. For example, on a project where the aim was to enhance the relationship between two departments, we asked for relevant e-mails and voice scripts of communication at the outset. And we also ensured we had an internal project champion within the organisation. These steps made all the difference to both participant engagement and achieving our client’s outcomes!

And there are some assumptions we do NOT make:

We don’t assume it is appropriate to work with all clients who ask for our help.
We will say so if we recognise a request is beyond our area of expertise.

We don’t assume ready-made programmes fit all situations.
We design from scratch or customise extensively to match client outcomes.

We don’t assume that the “solution” a client prescribes is necessarily the appropriate or highest leverage remedy.

We engage with the client to analyse problems, explore potential remedies and only then clarify outcomes.

We don’t assume “presenting knowledge” = teaching = learning = behavioural change.
We draw on 25 years expertise in facilitation to use only proven methods to design and deliver our sessions so that we reach all types of learners.

We don’t assume we know our clients’ business better than them.
What we will do is ask skilled questions to model out the structure of their current practice. Throughout our partnership, they remain, in our eyes, the experts in their business.

What kinds of methods and tools do you use in your facilitating and coaching?

At Anne Munro-Kua Transformations, we take a holistic view of learning, work and life. That is why we utilise Neuro Linguistic Programming, Multiple Intelligences and Accelerated Learning to design engaging collaborative workshops with music, colour, movement and practical activities. These give participants an emotionally powerful experience of even dry technical material so that they can easily and enjoyably learn in multiple and meaningful ways during the workshop. After the workshop, such enjoyable memories of learning make it easy to recall and apply what they have learned back in the workplace, when they most need and want to.

We complement this design with a facilitation style that supports the person 100% and also demands high standards of their behaviour that match the mutually agreed outcomes for the training.

And when participants are emotionally blocked, for example if someone has a fear of public speaking, the good news is we are skilled in helping them acknowledge and release the specific fear through Emotional Freedom Technique. By accepting and clearing such “inner” blocks, participants are freed up to engage fully in their learning and growth.

What is PATH™?

PATH™ is a product designed by Anne Munro-Kua Transformations that integrates selected aspects of the best people technologies available. These centre on modelling how a person achieves amazing results. Such work involves a methodology that enables us to decode the structure – thinking, language and behaviours – involved in producing excellence. Once we are able to decode specific models of human achievement, we are then able to acquire and replicate that model for ourselves.

Throughout a PATH™ programme, we build a habitual model of thinking that involves multiple perspectives of the world.  Such perspectives are proven to generate insight and success wherever you utilise them, in your personal and/or professional life. And throughout a PATH™ workshop, we teach selected practical behavioural models that provide a toolbox for continuing professional and personal excellence.

We provide the structure. You and your team provide your expertise and the relevant case studies and scenarios. This approach means that as we explore methodology and technique with you, we constantly do so in relevant real-world client situations.

Operating from the belief that all needed resources reside in the system, we invite clients to model their own best practices as well as those of others. We design each programme to expose each trainee to relevant skills that build on their strengths and support their continuous learning through modelling the best practices of others.

How do we know this works? Modelling exemplars has, for centuries, generated mastery through the proven practice of apprenticeship in the crafts, arts and technical trades.

Since 2006, our signature PATH™ programme has now spawned a suite of applications. These include the customised PATH™ to Service Recovery Programme that has been used extensively with a leading Asian bank. Also included is PATH™ to Communicating Assertively that we conduct at the Singapore Institute of Management. Both these PATH™ programmes are, as of 2012, celebrating their fifth year of success. Other customised applications include PATH™ to Professional Excellence and PATH™ to Effective Influencing Skills which is, as of 2012, in it’s fourth year of success.

Who are the people behind Anne Munro-Kua Transformations (AMKT)?

Anne Munro-Kua Transformations was founded by Anne Munro-Kua who has been teaching, consulting, facilitating and coaching for more than 25 years. In 1995, Anne set up Munro Communications, to address the English communication needs of corporate clients, building on her expertise as a British Council Business Facilitator and IELTs examiner. With Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills, Anne’s work became increasingly “transformative”. And so in 2003, she changed the company’s name to more accurately reflect the repeated transformative results she was getting.

Anne is supported by associates, Regina Morris and Jacqueline Ann Surin. Both associates have a background in NLP and excellent track records in coaching individuals and teams as well as facilitating groups. Both are also skilled in written and spoken communication.

AMKT is also supported by a community of Clean Language experts and practitioners in both the UK and Malaysia. AMKT hosts annual workshops led by the world leaders in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, to make their expertise available locally.

Who are your clients?

For a full list of the people and organisations we have collectively collaborated with, please refer to Our Clients page.

What have your clients been saying about you?

Our clients have many things to say about us. Please find a sample of what they think about Anne Munro-Kua Transformations here.

What fees do you charge?

Because we provide coaching and training for corporations, non-profits and individuals, we have a range of competitive fees depending on context and client needs. More information about fee scales for customised corporate programmes and public programmes below. We would also be happy to discuss a fee structure that most meets your needs if you contact us.

We have high standards at Anne Munro-Kua Transformations and only promise what we can deliver. We honour this commitment by offering clients a “no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee”. Thus far, since our founding in 1995, not even one client has asked for a refund. Rather, our business has thrived through their recommendation and referral.

Anne Munro-Kua Transformations also periodically runs free online tasters and community “cafes” as part of our commitment to community building. For details, check out our upcoming events.

Please do not let access to funds stop you from calling us. We delight in being creative in finding solutions, whether you are unemployed, a student or homemaker.

What if I can’t afford your fees? Do you provide a discount for individuals or non-profit organisations?

We are committed to supporting individuals, communities and not-for-profit organisations wherever there is alignment of purpose and when we are able to. Please contact us [link to Contact Us] so that we can explore how best we can collaborate.

Please do not let access to funds stop you from calling us. We delight in being creative in finding solutions, whether you are unemployed, a student or home maker.

How can I find out more about upcoming events?

Our upcoming events are listed here. You could also drop us a message here and follow us on Facebook as well.

How do I make enquiries about what I need for myself or my organisation?

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about your specific needs. Our contact details are here.

If I wanted Anne Munro-Kua Transformations (AMKT) to conduct training for my company, what is involved in terms of planning, time and cost?

Typically, after an initial request, AMKT engages in a five-step consultation process that may take a minimum of six to eight weeks, as follows:

Exploratory dialogue via Skype or phone with the project “champion” to clarify project purpose and scope, and to see if there is a match between our expertise and their needs. With repeat clients, this may involve a repeat proposal.

Clean consultation either face-to-face or via Skype with key stakeholders. AMKT uses a Clean approach to map out the client’s model of their Problem, Remedy and Outcome, and facilitates any need for adjustment. At this stage, Outcomes are agreed and the scope of intervention is discussed.

Draft proposal is created and sent to the client. We typically recommend a four-part intervention as being the most effective and affordable investment.

Part 1: Pre-programme Fact-Finding (done online two weeks before a workshop)
Purpose: To gather baseline evidence and understand participants’ needs.

Part 2: Skill-building workshop: Two full days
Purpose: To build skills to transfer to workplace.

Part 3: Reporting + Group Coaching: One full day (done at workshop or online one month later)
Purpose: Assess applications in the workplace and model what works.

Part 4: Review and evaluate project + plan next steps: One full day (optional; done face-to-face or online)

Final proposal is firmed up via online or face-to-face dialogue. Revisions are made and details added where mutually agreed on. Once client signs the agreement, the project begins according to the agreed timeline.

Post-programme consultation to review and evaluate the project.

As for cost, our fees vary according to the depth of analysis and degree of fresh design needed, as well as the nature and size of the target group and level of expertise required through the project. Depending on these variables, our corporate fees start at between RM15,000 and RM25,000 for the type of effective four-step intervention outlined above.

Where do you conduct workshops or coaching?

Environments affect the quality of facilitation and learning. Where possible, we run workshops in quiet, green environments with windows that provide both a source of natural light and a view of the outdoors.

For example, we often conduct our public workshops at the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort or places like the Cyberview Lodge Resort.

Customised client programmes are held at a venue of mutual choice. Customised executive coaching packages can be arranged onsite for groups and/or online via Skype.

One-on-one executive or life coaching can be arranged face-to-face at our Cheras centre  and/or by phone or Skype.

What kind of public programmes does Anne Munro-Kua Transformations run?

We run several public skill-building workshops to support those who are keen to advance their personal learning and development. We have designed and developed a series of programmes towards this end.

    • Clean Launchpad: A one-day small group workshop that will expose you to Clean Language, a cutting-edge and proven method of learning how to listen better, ask the right questions, support others, and gain news insights about yourself and others where it matters most.                                 
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques – Basic:  A one-day small group workshop that will show you how to acknowledge and release limiting beliefs and emotions so that you can have more choice and resources in your life.                                                                               
    • NLP Practitioner – Modules 1 to 5: Each module lasts for between two and three days.               
    • Eight-day Clean Facilitator Programme: Forthcoming four two-day workshops.

    We have special rates for NGOs and regular affiliates, and are willing to find creative solutions such as a stretched-out payment scheme for those who may need it.

    What kind of community service programmes does Anne Munro-Kua Transformations run?

    We are committed to making our expertise in cutting-edge people skills available to  people who are most in need of them. Hence, we run the following:

    “Laughing and Relaxing Even though I have Cancer”
    A one-day workshop that applies Emotional Freedom Technique to the issues and challenges faced by people living with cancer. The free workshop, which has been running since 2010, is held at the National Association of Cancer, Malaysia (NCSM). Please check out our calendar of events or contact NSCM for the next workshop.

    This workshop is available to other support groups, too, so please contact us if you are curious about extending this powerful proven approach to your clients.

    Free Online Clean Taster
    This monthly event is open to everyone who is keen to learn and experience Clean Language first hand in a safe small group environment. Fills up fast and prior registration is essential.

    Online Clean Language Practice Cafe
    Another popular monthly event, this practice cafe is open free of charge to people with a minimum one-day Clean Language training, for example those who have participated in Clean Launchpad. Prior registration essential.

    Does Anne Munro-Kua Transformations (AMKT) conduct lectures or mini demonstrations for corporations?

    AMKT regularly presents in a TEDx format at the HR Exchange in Kuala Lumpur. This HR Exchange is open to human resource practitioners to learn about and sample Clean Language.

    When our schedule permits, we would be delighted to give you and your people a taste of our skills via a free 60-minute or 90-minute mini workshop. Transportation and other costs are billable if the venue is outside of the Klang Valley.

    Do you provide certification of any kind for trainers and people developers?

    Yes, Anne Munro-Kua Transformations provides NLP Practitioner Certification, which we have been awarding since 2004, based on demonstration of competence in essential NLP Practitioner skills.

    We are in the process of developing a Clean Facilitation Curriculum which we hope to launch in late 2015.