PATH™ to Exceptional Activism

Dear Activists,

Welcome to PATH to Exceptional Activism, a proven toolbox of advanced “people skills” that can make all the difference personally and professionally.

We have created this workshop to support your role as an activist working at your best,  in your specific situation. PATH started out in 2007 as a response to client requests for a practical professional capacity building programme based on best practice thinking and practical skills. 

Since then, hundreds of professionals, from regional managers to call centre personnel and NGO activists have used PATH to redefine their “professionalism” to increase their enjoyment and effectiveness at work through self-development & building bridges with others. 

By studying exemplars we know that communicating well with both clients and colleagues, verbally or in writing, involves specific thinking and attitudes that enable us to “connect” in meaningful win-win ways. 

The PATH programme provides three opportunities to model this best practice:

a) from your own experience and memory

b) from the best practice of others

c) from the best practice toolbox we’ll be sharing with you.

We have designed PATH to Exceptional Activism to ensure ease of transfer of what you learn here into your day-to-day work, first, by acquiring PATH skills with relevant in-house case studies and second, through a variety of best practice Accelerated Learning methods.

Our hope is that PATH to Exceptional Activism will:

a) increase awareness of your current mind-set and behaviour

b) explore how PATH mind set & skills can foster even better interactions and

c) simultaneously build a win-win Exceptional Activism culture, all of which is good for organisational development as well as your own personal and team well-being.

You already have amazing strengths and capabilities. The PATH™ workshop invites you to build on those strengths as a basis for dealing effectively with this fast-paced changing world, in which expectations are constantly raising the bar for Exceptional Activism. 


But don't take our word for it, here is what other activists have to say...

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