Clean Coaching Pioneers in Asia

Coaching is now recognized in as one of the best investments an individual/ organisation can make in personal and/or professional development. In brief, coaching is about helping another person develop beyond their current situation/status towards a future achievement/goal. How coaches do this can vary enormously depending on the methodology involved and the particular context. 

At AMKT, we specialize in a neutral, non-directive yet empowering coaching style known as Clean coaching based on the radical breakthrough work of David Grove AMKT coaches are trained by world Clean developers, James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, as well through rigorous practice and Certification in Clean Coaching with Angela Dunbar. 

As in all best practice professional coaching, it is the client’s outcome that drives the direction of the session. What differentiates Clean Coaching is how your coach listens exquisitely to the structure of what you say, repeating some of your words (not paraphrasing) and then asking neutral questions to encourage further self-discoveries. Throughout, the coach will track the structure that is emerging so that you can check where you are at the end of the session against your outcome at the start.   

The effect is profound. I delight in being coached cleanly, where all information is accepted equally, in a facilitated space to explore what I really want to have happen through the structure of my own thoughts. David’s work (followed by that of Tompkins and Lawley) also stands out for his attention to metaphor and the symbolic nature of language. This holistic approach is equally powerful in 1-1 Professional Coaching as well as it is in 1-1 Life Coaching.

Clean Coaching has become a recognized component of the Coaching Certification provided by the (ILM) Institute of Leadership and Management UK (logo & link) and also by the (ICF) International Coaching Federation (link) as an important development and contribution to coaching methodology.


Here are some steps you can take right now!

  • AMK Getting to Outcomes@Work Free!

Register on the AMKT Website mailing list to get a free copy of this practical guide to self-coaching and coaching your team at work using Clean principles.

  • AMKT Getting to Outcomes in Life Free!

Register on the AMKT Website mailing list to get a free copy of the practical guide (above) to self-coaching and apply the principles to your personal life.

  • Book a 20’ Clean Coaching Session with an AMKT Clean Coach Free!

This session will be on the phone or Skype and you will experience for yourself, the impact of this respectful and empowering approach to self–development.

  • AMKT Clean Language Launchpad (public programme) Affordable!

Enjoy an interactive Clean coaching day, and discover the power of Clean principles at work as both a coach and a coachee. Be surprised and delighted by the benefits!   

  • AMKT Small group coaching (Book a 2hr session with your group/team)  

AMKT has also expertise in coaching small groups of 6-12 simultaneously, using Caitlin Walker’s Systemic Modelling methodology. The benefit of this approach is multiple and can complement 1-1 coaching for example with senior managers, by setting up an environment for self-awareness and mutual discoveries as a basis for collaboration.

The process utilizes the neutrality of Clean principles to establish a level playing field in which everyone is respected and heard.

Getting the job done

Overall, the end result of the 3 Clean coaching sessions was excellent. I did not expect something as practical as an important programme manual upgrade to emerge, which I was able to complete in two days well within the deadline. This exceeded my expectations.

Terry Netto
CEO, People Potential, 21 March 2014

Live, work, communicate freely & positively

Anne does an effective and empowering life coaching that, through learning and using effective communication skills, NLP and EFT, enables you to live, work and communicate freely and positively by simply using the energies and gifts within you. Great stuff!

Lucia Jayaseelan
Executive Director, Campaign for Asian Women, HQ, Bangkok, November 2008

Change the situation

Thanks for today. I feel very inspired! I just wanted to give you the feedback that of the four therapists, I have had dealings with through my life, working with you as my coach, has by far been the most productive. The way you interrupt and change direction – when you sense that something is touching me – is very helpful. I know by experience that I can talk sensible bullshit for hours on my life. But it easily stays on the surface and does not move anything. Your persistence (or did you say tenacity) in pursuing the issues is very helpful for me – and a precondition for the coach to rock my boat. And the whole idea is to change the situation – not just reproduce it nicely.

Soeren Varming
CEO & Grandfather, January 2009

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