Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer

Launching Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer
A Free e-Book by Anne Munro Kua Ph.D

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Book Launch at the National Cancer Society Malaysia May 5th 2017

From Left : Sharon Lee – Director, Strategic Planning, Anne, Dr Saunthari Somasundaram -President & Medical Director,
Margaret Anthonysamy – Cancer Information System, 
Adeline Joseph -Head of Resource & Wellness Centre

I believe that the impact of our negative emotions/ ways of thinking are all too easily overlooked on any journey to physical health and wellbeing. They are an integral part of any healing journey. Anne’s lovely e-book introduces the concepts of love and forgiveness, and how we can find these qualities, in a gentle but powerful way, harnessing both humour and relaxation as valuable tools to support ourselves as we work with EFT. She offers a lightness of touch to a very serious topic and I am sure her work will be of benefit to many.”

Emma Roberts, EFT Master, Author “Even Though I have Cancer”.

This ebook documents in a very practical and accessible style the first of Anne’s “Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer” workshops in 2011, workshops which still continue to provide self-help relief in partnership with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Essential reading for all affected by cancer whether survivors, professionals or loved ones, for insight into the complexities of coaching a person with cancer primarily through the use of a simple tapping approach, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), often known as acupuncture without needles. Besides her 1-1 work, Anne guides each group systematically through EFT exercises, to enable everyone to release their individual fears on their journey with cancer, from the shock of diagnosis, to the trauma that treatment can bring.

Anne Munro Kua Ph.D, is an established professional coach, whose synthesis of cutting edge skills ensures significant benefit for her clients, individually and in groups. Her expertise draws on a 30 year background in education, sociology and behavioural psychology. Anne heads her own coaching consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur where she has lived since the early 1980s.

GET your free copy here:

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

There are numerous organisations and companies worldwide engaged in research into a “cure” for cancer. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) makes no such promise of a “cure”. What is clear is that people living with cancer have an urgent and important need that goes beyond the physical, for support right now in their mental and emotional well-being!

Being diagnosed with cancer is the start of what can be a deeply stressful and uncertain journey for which few of us are prepared.  EFT has repeatedly proven itself for example, with war veterans, as a powerful self-help route to massive relief from post traumatic stress disorder.

EFT offers us an immediate easy to use method for managing the emotional highs and lows that can accompany the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Based on the ancient eastern energy system that underpins acupuncture, EFT enables us to release emotional blockages and re-establish our vital energy flow.

EFT is relevant to everyone living with cancer, regardless of their prognosis, stage or type of treatment. EFT is a neutral and safe approach that can complement both mainstream and alternative forms of treatment. By using EFT you can release stress and allow space for the calmness and clarity needed to make informed choices about treatment.

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